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CANINE LOVE - SABI'S territory - Chapter 3

Published: Nov 17th, 2020 03:37 pmBy Shipra Magon

So, here we are with a new setting & a different house - a rented one at a civilian residential colony. We had to shift from the allotted house post Papa's demise.  

Sabi has now turned one and is  full of energy. She likes to jump a lot and infact is able to jump as high as our main gate.We are surprised how she manages this feat. It is a revelation to our family & first timers with a pet that our canine friends can really jump this high !!

I love it, whenever  I am welcomed back home with great love & affection by Sabi.As a hosteller these frequent journeys to home are now more look forward to , with Sabi as an additional & a very important pull factor.

And yes, all good & bad happen when I am around ;)

It is 9pm & it's time for Sabi to take a small stroll. And she moves inside the house freely. But as she has to be taken out ,so  we need to use a leash. Suddenly there is a huge furore outside the main gate & before I & my sister realize, Sabi is out & not chained - OMG :0 

This looks like a Bollywood scene to me.The stage is set. The street dogs aka gundas are there - the entire gang - all shapes, size, age, gender, waiting. . . . . . 

Sabi . .  Sabi. . .  SABI 

We shout & want our darling baby to come back inside the safe haven - our house. She cannot match an odd bunch of 20 dogs. And you bet I am damn scared & this time for SABI.

But SABI is also a MAGON :)

She doesn't buckle under pressure. She knows no FEAR. She doesn't yield even an inch of her territory & stands proudly with her tail high !! I gain confidence and walk up to her ; the gundas watching us barely 20 meters away.

Let's go home Sabi. This is more of a request than a command.

Oh my!! Sabi musters her strength and charges ahead barking loudly & ferociously.

What a sight it is. She alone , they around 20.

None dares to engage with her in a one to one jaw locking fight. Now it appears more like Kabaddi match to me.The opponents trying to gherao Sabi by all means and she with her speed & flexibility ,escaping every time.

And then Sabi takes on the Alpha dog - THE don of the street dogs.

The fight is ferocious & I am mesmerized by Sabi's combat skills.

Sabi defends her TERRITORY & proudly walks back home as the  "Gunda toli" recedes with defeat. 

I am so happy that SABI also loves her motherland ( the  500 meters area around our house is HER territory ) & realize that all animals defend their territories. Had read in Biology. Saw it today. LIVE.

I am proud that we have another warrior in the family. THE COURAGE LIES WITHIN.   



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