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GIFTS OF A LIFE TIME - To your child

Published: Aug 26th, 2020 02:30 pmBy Shipra Magon

Namaskar & Hello Everyone

As a parent I have many times wondered whether I am doing the right kind of parenting??

Throw into this the uninvited pressure and expectations from your  intimate circle, known people and society at large to perform in a certain fashion, provide certain facilities, behave in a particular way. . . . .  . . .

And then many a times the appreciation monger inside you wants to blow his / her trumpet ALOUD & announce to the whole world, VERY PROUDLY FOR THAT MATTER ????as you showcase the various capabilities of your children as a result of your own AMAZING PARENTING SKILLS.

I humbly admit,as compared to my parents I have been a very ordinary parent.After all If I am what I am today, then a lot must have come from how they raised me - the BASICS for sure???? 

When I see my batch mates & friends going that extra mile for their babies, I am like " Wow " ???? 

When I find children in the immediate extended family earning accolades in various arenas, it is like " That's some upbringing "????

So you understand ,that for a long time  I have been looking at the glass that is HALF EMPTY all the time.

And then CORONA happened

Many things changed for every one.

For ladies in general - mothers certain things did not change.They infact piled & multiplied and added to the daily routine - TO DO LIST.

And then as the days passed and the thought sunk in that this is going to be the way of life now, I started discovering that my glass is HALF FULL????

A fresh teenager( who had just entered her teens ) and a smart teenager ( slightly older ) displayed what they can do (on daily basis & not once in a while ) when faced with challenges:

  • Washing  & ironing clothes
  • Washing utensils & dishes
  • Cleaning the house
  • Setting up beds & almirahs
  • Rectifying switch boards, mobile phones, remotes & other daily use gadgets & electronics
  • Taking care of pets - Bathing, feeding & providing medical care
  • Ordering & making purchases online 
  • Making payments for bills & doing online transfers
  • Budgeting for household expenses
  • Shooting videos & cropping them - adding effects
  • Buying vegetables & fruits from door step vendors - differentiating the quality between fresh & stale
  • Cooking food for 5 people. . . . . . 

The list is endless.

Our children are so worthy.They have the potential.So why have we not harnessed it as yet?

What stops us as a parent to mentor & coach the future generation on the most important  skills set : Survival skills & Life skills?

Do we feel they are too young or we doubt the quality of work done by them ? Or even if we tell them, they will not do it? And may be, they don't like doing it? Or better, this is the age when they are supposed to study n play? 

Friends , it is awesome if your child is GIFTED or is a PRODIGY.Its really brilliant if he/ she shines in academics, sports or art & culture.Your child's achievements are a result of relentless efforts done in a particular direction.Similarly the base that you provide today along with the skills that you hone will pave a way for a full-filling & happy life for your child.

Think if confronted with a disaster like an earthquake, flood, landslide  or an accident for that matter- does your child have the confidence to hold on and make important decisions?

Think if thrown into emergency situations where the child is alone & needs to seek help - does your child have the power of reasoning and communication?

 Think if tomorrow your child ventures to a new place - does your child have the basic survival skills? What about being culture sensitive & adaptability skills ?

This can go further. . . . 

Gift your child ????

They will get knowledge from multiple sources.They will develop various skills pertaining to their career under the guidance of masters.They will be mentally conditioned for various tasks by different experts.

BUT No one is ever going to teach them or train them or coach them to be INDEPENDENT.And for you to be able to make them independent, you will have to STOP making them dependent upon you for all big & small issues.

Start early.Start Now.

GIFT YOUR CHILD COMPETENCE to lead life blissfully & meaningfully.

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