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Published: Jul 3rd, 2021 04:06 pmBy Shipra Magon


Ever wondered why it is easier to traverse a known terrain?

First, SOMEBODY has already made a path easy to follow.

Second, it has been tested & proven to be safe by SOMEONE.

Fifth, there is an ASSURANCE of reaching the desired destination in time.

Third, there are less or no chances of unwanted SURPRISES.

Fourth, certain amenities & FACILITIES await at designated nook & corners.


Basically, it is risk free & applies no additional effort. It is comfortable & convenient.

Now, how about an UNKNOWN terrain?

 We may be the FIRST to travel on that path.

We may not only be the ONLY person to do so, but may also be LONELY while doing so.

There may be a rough idea of arriving SOMEWHERE, but where, when & how may be unclear.

We may encounter UNEXPECTED & UNWANTED situations while experimenting the terrain.

We may not have access to certain UTILITIES.


Basically, this is full of risks, requires tremendous efforts n may turn out to be uncomfortable & inconvenient.


So how many of us would VOTE for the second terrain given an opportunity?

No brainer: Majority of us will choose THE FIRST. And it makes sense as we want to travel happy & safe and reach on time.

And who is this minority? People who are more of explorers, or have all the time in the world, are in no hurry to execute certain tasks or may be looking for thrills???

Whatever OUR CHOICE, Life works in its OWN WAYS. Majority of us have been pushed to choose the second road at certain times in our lives. PANDEMIC is another example where the EASY ROAD OPTION VANISHED for millions of lives.

New Journey BUT ON NEW PATH. How difficult or easy is that?

Are WE PREPARED from within to be a happy crusader, pushing our limits & willing to DEEP DIVE into uncertainty?

Will we survive the CHALLENGE, is not the question?

The question to ponder is : WILL WE CONTINUE TO LIVE LIFE fearless and with zest?


ARE WE READY TO traverse the ROAD LESS TRAVELED? Let’s answer that to ourselves TODAY.  



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