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How to deal with ugly thoughts?

Published: May 31st, 2023 08:41 pmBy Asha Anur

Say for example, an incident happened like, someone did something bad to you. Now, the incident & the words keep coming to your mind, even if you don't want to think of it! isn't it? It's very difficult for many people to get over it. If you are one among them, then you must definitely use this technique.

Activate the center of your palms & finger tips by gently pressing it. Now, touch the top of your head, with your left hand, gently, where the crown chakra is. Upon touching it, Divine energy starts flowing in.

With the left hand, make a mudra by bringing the 3 fingers, the thumb, index & middle finger together. Place these gathered fingertips at the area between the eyebrows, that is where the Ajna chakra is.

Make an intention that you want to erase the -ve thought, that is troubling you. With the right hand, just erase it like this - moving your palm sideways, left to right, a few times.

After a while, you will observe that the -ve thought just vanished from your mind & you are not thinking about it anymore.

How did this happen?

All the thoughts are in the form of energy. The divine energy has the power to destroy the -ve thought energy. So, the -ve incident that was troubling you, got erased in an instant.

Sounds easy & good, right? try this & let me know how you felt.

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