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Published: Jun 23rd, 2023 08:45 pmBy Binu Kurien

I have read William James of Harvard university said  The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. 

 We might have heard positive and negative attitude but what is fatalistic attitude .A fatalistic attitude prevents people from accepting responsibility for their circumstances. People with fatalistic attitudes attribute success and failure to luck. They believe in birth chart and horoscope which is fine with me but is it good to resign themselves to fate with out believing in themselves and giving an extra effort to pull out the tough times. I have sensed this personally and became so complacenct and was not putting any effort and waited for things to happen rather than making them happen. May be I was bit weakhearted to believe in luck with no effort and forgot the principle  The harder I work , the luckier i get. I have realised that i  used to say  more of I will give it a try , i will see it works, i will give a shot etc . May be comparisons with others and my fatalistic attitude of viewing that I am unlucky in everything I do in my relationships , my finance made me fail again and again. Bu then was it a right way to live on and I  am sure it is going to fail me again and again. i am  trying things half heartedly. I or many would be there believing in badluck and circumstance's and  I  have found a solution to overcome fatalistic attitude, is to accept responsibility and believe in ourselves, believe in the law of cause and effect rather than luck.It takes preparation, planning, organising determined to reach out to friends , colleagues for guidance rather than waiting , wondering and wishing, to accomplish any goal in life.

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