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Unlocking your Child’s Potential : The Transformative Power of Purposeful Career Guidance

Published: Jun 5th, 2023 04:11 pmBy lazarus Dias

Making the right career choice for our children after they have passed their SSC Exams is one of the most crucial decisions for parents. It is essential to approach this decision with utmost seriousness and consideration. Many parents tend to base their choices on personal preferences, their child's highest scoring subjects, peer influence, or the latest trending careers, often prioritizing high remuneration. However, it is vital to base this decision on two fundamental factors: the child's talent, inherent interests, and internal orientation

Allow me to share my personal experience as a parent with two children who were poles apart from each other. While my son excelled academically, he also displayed exceptional sporting abilities, participated in numerous tournaments, and possessed excellent communication skills. In contrast, my daughter struggled academically and was introverted, often facing comparisons with her brother. Naturally, we were deeply concerned about her future prospects. However, something magical happened after their individual SSC Exams

We sought the guidance of the Growth Centre, a renowned institution specializing in career counseling. To our surprise, they recommended actuarial science for my son and designing for my daughter, both of which were not even on our radar. Trusting their expertise, we followed their suggestions. Today, my son is a Vice President in the field of actuarial science, while my daughter has flourished as a Senior UI/UX Designer. The most astonishing transformation occurred in my daughter, as her confidence, communication skills, and self-esteem soared new heights.

When children pursue careers aligned with their natural talents and interests, they thrive and excel effortlessly, relying on their inherent abilities instead of sheer effort. Witnessing this remarkable transformation in my own family has been truly incredible

I would like to urge all parents to consider seeking career guidance from the Growth Centre. My children underwent a comprehensive test that lasted around 3 to 4 hours, followed by a detailed explanation of the recommended career choices for each child, provided to the parents on a subsequent day.

To schedule an appointment for the test, please visit their website at

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