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Parents & wards - The Boards Drill !!!!

Published: May 14th, 2023 04:33 pmBy Shipra Magon

Candy is an unassuming person. She is carefree and always joyous. Come what may. The SMILE is always there :)

Academic performance has never been her forte. Not that she doesn't try hard or doesn't understand. She DOES.

It is like the RETENTION techniques are not working or are they? Because she knows the lyrics of all the  songs :))

And what about FOCUS? Maybe she loses that tard easily. But then her physical-mental coordination is sharp when she plays Football.

And she is an average teenager who could get so glued to the digital space and social media. But then she spends a lot of time on  offline, playing with pets, and drawing sketches.

She has compassion for humans n animals alike. All the colony's stray dogs and cats seem to know her. Many times she has tended to their sickness, wounds n hunger.

She helps in domestic errands sometimes all by herself, at other times when I reach out to her. There are days when she senses that mom is too tired or busy. You get a proper meal prepared n served at your work desk !!!

I knew achieving a decent score card in her X boards would mean a lot to her, but it also meant that I BE WITH HER 24 × 7 in the last days to the countdown of the exams and through the exams as a subject teacher and as emotional support. ( It was interesting to teach all subjects - all it required was that I had to study the entire syllabus again after 35 years )

With her shortcomings n learning issues, the BEST that she could do was to PASS.
So we came up with this commitment :
Candy ask me for anything and just go and MAKE your own NEW benchmark. You can definitely score a FIRST DIVISION for the first time in your life.

We got her CBSE X result yesterday. Candy has passed and scored a high first division :))

Now Candy asked for two things :
1) So yesterday, it was cake cutting. 

2) Today it was an assorted thali of her favorite Indian dishes for lunch

You know as a mother, I may rant a lot about my daughter. As a mentor, I want to tell her - What a fine person you are baby !!


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