Don't do Meditation, Be in Meditation - Theme of New age Meditation

Published: Nov 3rd, 2019 04:05 pmBy SUBRAMANI SARODE



Theme of New Age Meditation.

Before delving into this further, I like to share a story with you.

Suswasa wandering in search of happiness chanced upon an ascetic who readily agreed to help! He pointed towards two old books titled ‘Happiness guide 1” and “Happiness guide 2” and asked Suswasa to select one of them.

Suswasa glanced at the brief description written on the cover page.

This manual has thousands of probable ways to reach happiness; all you need to do is, to figure out the way that works for you.  – Guide 1.

This manual has just two ways to be avoided at all costs to reach happiness no matter on which path you are – Guide 2.

Now, assuming you were in Suswasa’s place, which book you would have chosen?!

The above anecdote represents the many methods of meditations available leading to confusion over which one to choose!

Just choose New Age Meditation!

Following are the common reasons to look for meditation;

  1. Moving from distress to de-stress
  2. Moving from weakness to wellness
  3. Moving from confusion to clarity
  4. Crossing the cross roads at career options, relationships (building and breaking!)
  5. Emotions and thoughts: Getting used up by them, rather using them judiciously.
  6. Managing competing priorities of life

 Here is a Reality check:

Can you count the number of times you were unhappy in the last one month?

Have you noticed there were only two reasons for this?

  • Not getting what you want!


  • Getting what you want!

Let’s pause to verify.

Now are you noticing that you remain unhappy in spite of your best efforts at achieving those multiple goals with competing priorities!

Unhappiness envelopes you whether you are a student, adult who is building destiny, middle aged person who is consolidating the life as a whole or who is still figuring who am I?

This unhappiness towards self/others and situation is the root cause for all the stress and subsequent health issues.

In the race of achieving those multiple goals with competing priorities, avoiding pain and holding on to the pleasure seems to be the guiding principle of ordinary life.

The urge to avoid pain and hold on to the pleasure creates a conflict in the mind.

This constant conflict if not addressed properly will lead to stress and all kinds of illness.

New Age Meditation addresses this through the quest of who am I?

This powerful tool will take you through the journey of meditation and help you to be in Meditation.   Our Motto is Be in Meditation!

Meditation is neither an art nor a science or a skill set.  It is a “Way of Life”.

There are hundreds and thousands of studies which have proven that just 20 minutes of meditation a day will bring lot of benefits.

Then imagine the effects of being in meditation all the time!

We, Human Beings derive our separate sense of identity (Who am I) through the combination of awareness of Body, Sensory perceptions, Thoughts and Emotions. We can always access our body, sensory perceptions, thoughts and emotions and that is the central theme of this meditation. And this leads us to not just doing meditation but being in meditation all the time!

New age Meditation helps everyone, no matter at what stage of life you are in!

You may identify yourself with one of the three broad category mentioned below;


As a student, you are focusing on many goals. Goals are spread across – studies, peer pressure, family, ambitions and expectations.

Now you are bombarded with lots of choices in studies, career, friends and so on. This is a period of life where you are full of choices, you are the center of many things and feel not impacted much for wrong choices. However, each wrong choice will have long term implications which might haunt you in the later stage of life.

You know what? The key thing for you will be TO DO THE RIGHT THINGS RIGHT THROUGH RIGHT CHOICE!   This right choice will shape your destiny and future.

Meditation is your trusted partner which will help you to take that appropriate right decision at the right moment.

Meditation can also keep your psychological and physical energy synchronized to get the best out of both!




Hi, this is a stage of life, where you have lot of energy, independence to take decisions and You are You!

Are You Enjoying the “New You “?

Please note, New You comes with lot of responsibility and accountability!

As of now, you might have already caught the pace of life or might be struggling to catch the pace of the life. Pace of life at this stage could be – getting right job / dream job, lots of plan on career advancement, building family (unfortunately some of you may even be dealing with breaking / broken relationships) and managing socio-economic pressure points like house, car, best school etc.

For example, a wrong school selection for your kid might create several challenges at home and family. A wrong job selection might hardly give time to enjoy with your “Dear Ones”!

Dear One could be anything from Hobby to just hanging around with your Buddies & Family.

Are you managing?

Moments like missed vacation, under performance review and dissatisfied scenarios might pull you down emotionally and make you stressed.  Isn’t it?

Don’t worry!  You can Maintain and Win in New YOU!

Meditation will help You to retain Your New YOU with all those responsibilities and accountability.   And succeed to Next Level with clear winning path…!




Hi, are you enjoying the Journey of Life.?

At this moment, there is a spike in demand for time, money and energy from all fronts of life.  Does it not feel like being at the cross roads at every moment?

Cross roads will have many directions like career path, children’s education, ageing parents, personal health, financial freedom, social position and so on.  And all of these are at equal importance and urgency.

All these multiple goals are constantly in race for getting top priority!  These competing priorities put a burden on mind and body and take a toll on both physical and psychological health.

You are the Captain for this Journey. You need to address all of these things.

These things shouldn’t end up sacrificing your happiness and wellness.

Don’t worry!  You can keep enjoying your Journey of Life even at the cross roads.

Meditation will help YOU to negotiate each and every cross road.



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