Let Go!

Published: Oct 31st, 2020 05:52 pmBy SUBRAMANI SARODE

Let Go!

What is it? Everyone is exhorting to let go.

What to let go and why let go?

Let go of expectations, fear, negativity?

Mere reading / listening / watching about letting go will not make any sense. Let’s understand it experientially!

Are you ready to go?

We all know that breathing nourishes us and is our life line, right?

Ok, now take a deep breathe IN.

Are you continuing to take in that nourishing, refreshing breathe IN?

Oh! You stopped and let go off it all?!

Did you experience what is letting go?

Here is Suswasa’s explanation on letting go;

“The journey of life starts with the first breath drawn in and ends with the last breath going out. However, in order to sustain the life, there has to be series of breathe-in and breathe-outs between this first and the last breathe.

So a breath taken-in, though stays for a brief period, has to go out.

Similarly the incidents that happen during the course of our life keep coming, stay for a while and then leave. This will repeat till the moment the last breathe goes out.

We label these incidents as happy, joyous, sorrowful, upsetting, exciting, irritating, dull, sad, unbearable, enjoyable, etc. Whatever be the label we assign them, the incidents keep coming, stay for a while and leave us, similar to breathing.

Another thing to be noted here is – an incident has to leave us before any new incident is allowed in. Just like our breath. Is it possible to breathe in before we breathe out?


So the life has to be experienced in its totality without getting bogged down by the labels we assign to the incidents that happen.

Further breathing is the process of taking in the air, a mixture of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Pollutant particles and water vapour. However the body absorbs only the essential component Oxygen and breathe out other components that are not needed.

Each incident will be a mixture of things and situations, out of which we like some, dislike some, we love some and hate some, associate with some and disassociate with some.

Living life in totality and holistically is the ability to deal with the one thing / situation required at that particular instant and let go of others! This is quite similar to the breathing, the life sustainer.


So being aware of breathing is the simplest way of unraveling the secrets of life. This is precisely what our ancient sages and new age Gurus exhort us to do during meditations.”

And meditation is being in awareness and that awareness leads and guides us to let go!


#tip2 for de-stressing on the go from #suswasaSpace ;

Today let’s learn about de-stressing through breathing.

Being in meditation is also being effortless!

Here is a method to induce deep breathing effortlessly!

This method can be adopted while sitting, standing and even lying on the bed!

Make yourself comfortable by checking your posture.

Slowly become aware of breathing rhythm and let it happen the way it is happening.

Now, become aware of your navel region also while observing the breathing rhythm.

You can do this for any duration comfortable to you and at any time!

Please do share your experiences!


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