Published: May 13th, 2020 10:22 amBy SUBRAMANI SARODE

We all experience rare moments once in a while that we cherish for ever!

These rarest of rare moments nourish our present moments for sure!

And one such rarest of the rare moment happened to me on 3rd May 2020!

I was feeling Honoured, Blessed, Proud, in Gratitude and floating in Grace, all at once!!!

Here is a preamble to this episode!

About five years ago I happened to attend a Qigong exercises workshop conducted by Hanna Machia Madam at School of Ancient Wisdom!

It was a wonderful experience, learning exercises and getting immersed in high energy bhajan singing sessions across two days!

Soon after I was mesmerised with qigong and started looking for more information on this. Then, I came across Zhan Zhuang exercises and simply adopted it into my daily routine. Zhan Zhuang practice is simple, standing in stillness for an hour! However, its effects are very profound.

Each day, each week and year after year I grew in strength, energy with detoxing and healing of body and mind being additional benefits!

Ever since I started this practice, I feel being at the healthiest day of my life each day!

Meanwhile, Hanna Machia madam is constantly blessing with her comments and feedbacks on all my postings! Then in July 2019 I was overjoyed to receive her review on my book MY FIRE WITHIN!

(Review posted at the end of the article)

Then on 3rd May 2020, I received the following message from my Guru, Hanna Madam, after accepting my invitation to connect on LinkedIn!

“Thank you so much. I never forget how involved you were at this weekend seminar. You were in deep fresh open meditation during the whole weekend. (This was in reference to the Qigong workshop)

And you know dear Sri Subramani, I started ‘your’ Zhan Zhuang since two weeks, integrate the same in my Yoga and Qi Gong sadhana and I find it extremely beneficial. Thank you so much for sharing this. With warm regards and pranams.”


Now, isn’t it the rare moment of feeling Honoured, Blessed, Proud, in Gratitude and floating in Grace, all at once!!!


Review of my Book  MY FIRE WITHIN! by Hanna Madam.

A little background – I got a message from Hanna Madam saying she is unable to download Ebook due to poor net connections at her place of residence and asked me for print version. I posted it to her.

Then it was time for her to visit  Germany!

Here is Madam Hanna’s message :

“Dear Sri Subramani, Good wishes from Germany where I spend some time with my children, grand children and great grand children. Thank you again for sending me the Fire within. Since I had no time while I was at home, I took the book with me and had time to read through it.

I enjoyed it very much. I enjoyed the way how you convey your incredible wisdom in an easy to understand method. I liked the stories which carry so much wisdom. One can really feel how much stillness is in you, which you can pass on so easily, and how advanced your meditation is. Thanking you again and sending my good wishes to you forever.”



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