Let’s embrace AGEing!

Published: Dec 9th, 2019 04:31 pmBy SUBRAMANI SARODE

Let me ask you few questions;

”How many of you like to be in ABUNDANCE?”

I am sure you are nodding in affirmation.

“How many of you want continuous GROWTH?”

I am sure you are nodding for this also.

“How many of you want abundance and growth to happen EFFORTLESSLY?

Aren’t you thinking that it’s too good to be true?!

Now, one final question – How many of you want to AGE and live up to 120 years?

I can feel that most of you are hesitant even to consider this question.

We are all conditioned to fear ageing. We all have seen people around us including our near and dear ones struggling with ravaging effect of ageing on physical body and psychological condition.  It seems the loneliness, the sufferings, and helplessness – all the three descend simultaneously on an ageing person!

Now, what if I say AGE is an acronym for Abundance, Growth and Effortlessness?

So let’s all embrace ageing!

Because there is no other choice!!

We have been aging right from our birth. Actually even from the moment of conception, AGEing is our natural state. From a single cell, we grow up to few trillion cells by the time of birth. Is it not abundance, growth and both happening effortlessly? Are we putting up any effort to grow from single cell to about fifty trillion cell entities? Aren’t those cells growing into different organs and structures with effortless coordination?

Soon after birth, we let go off single compartment womb and inherit the entire universe. Gigantic planet Earth under us and a vast space around us! We also have company of so many other humans and countless life forms.

Then, why this kolaveri di about ageing?

Look at infants. They are living in gay abandon irrespective of the conditions, situations and families in which they are born into! But somewhere around the age of two, when the mind – repository of thoughts – starts developing we start out journey of regressive happiness!

And here is the key to embrace AGEing – stepping out of thinking mind – as Eckhart Tolle, Spiritual teacher and author of “power of Now”, puts it. We seem to forget the fact that we are part of the Nature. This happens because our wisdom gets obscured by the thoughts that we harbour. When we learn to be in meditation, (it’s called mindfulness also) we remember that we are part of the Nature. Then we start imbibing the nature of the Nature – Abundance, Growth and Effortlessness.

Generally persons of age 20s and 30s do not bother about ageing. Age 40 triggers all the fear about ageing. The yearly health check-ups, show a 0.1% chance of cancer, or heart ailment and the life becomes topsy-turvy.

Actually our body and mind combination has the capacity to heal anything. However, we are not looking at this aspect holistically.

Embracing AGEing early in the life, paves the way for graceful ageing and peaceful living for a long time. Then only there is a meaning for all our career planning and financial planning.

There are many ways of embracing AGEing. One of the effective methods is New Age Meditation and practicing Zhan Zhuang. These practices help to detox the effects of all kinds of pollution, heal, energise and strengthen both body and mind.

Are you ready to embrace AGEing now?


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