Self Awareness is the basis of Personality

Published: Aug 7th, 2020 10:54 amBy SUBRAMANI SARODE

What is the single most important thing required to build a robust, beautiful, multi-storied building?

Architect’s design?

Quality materials?

Strong foundation?

None of the above!

We need Space – to lay the strong foundation, to store building materials and even to keep that architect’s design!

In fact, scouting for a suitable place on this vast Earth’s Space is the beginning of the concept of building!

The idea of constructing and purposing of that building also happens in the mind Space!!!

The robust, beautiful and the multi storied building may undergo many changes within and without as per the requirements of the current times, however all that is, is contained by the Space!

Even if the building gets razed down for whatever reason, still the Space remains intact.

Now to build an Individual’s personality who will be a happy, emotionally intelligent, professionally competent person, what is needed?

Health, education, value system and a reasonable IQ, EQ and SQ.

An IndiviDual derives her/his identity through the Duality of physical and psychological dimensions which in turn is derived by body, senses, thoughts and emotions.

Individual’s ID further shapes up through interaction of other individuals of family, relatives, friends, social connects, peers, career connects and hobbies/habits!

Therefore, there are hundreds and thousands of methods to train an individual to be happy, emotionally intelligent and professionally competent! And they are all addressing the outer things like people management, communication, relationship management, emotional intelligence, soft skills, 21 ways of this , 10 ways of that!...

However, Self-awareness is the fundamental requirement to be in good health, to be learning and unlearning which is educating, and to enhance IQ, EQ and SQ which directly impacts the value system!

Look, everything is playing out in the Space - which is field of energy and field of possibilities!

The whole universe is in Space. Everything manifests and un-manifests in the same Space.

Therefore accessing this Space is nothing but being in Self Awareness!

This is possible through awareness of body, senses, thoughts and emotions!

Accessing that Space now and then, helps individuals to be happy, emotionally intelligent and professionally competent!

This is based on “DON’T DO MEDITATION, BE IN MEDITATION” themed meditation coaching approach.

An experiential learning is imparted to access the Space – a field of energy and field of possibilities – by being aware of body, senses, thoughts and emotions!

We have access to our body, senses, thoughts and emotions 24/7! Therefore this coaching helps to learn and practice to be in Self-awareness anytime.  This in turn prepares the individual to derive maximum learning out of regular training programs.

This meditation coaching has evolved through twenty five years of experimentation, learning through various Gurus, silent retreats, Vipassana meditation, attending Eckhart Tolle’s School of Awakening (six months program).

The effectiveness of the program can be assessed through browsing the recommendation section of LinkedIn profile!

Uniqueness of the meditation coaching ;

1. Any person can learn without modifying her /his custom, culture and tradition!

2. Freedom to meditate at any time, any place and in any situations!

3. No restrictions and no pre-requisites for learning.

4. No elaborate dos and don’ts, so you won’t get any simpler way than this to learn and practice.

5. Theme of meditation coaching; Don’t do Meditation, Be in Meditation!

And accessing the Space now and then will give access to wellness of body and mind, creativity, managing stress, managing relationships, managing time… practically all aspects of life!

 Watch the video here!


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