Emotional Baggage

16 Feb 2021

Emotional Baggage is a metaphor that refers to our negative, unprocessed, unresolved and unexpressed feelings and emotions from our past experiences. If not at all times we exhibit some signs in our day today interactions. Some of the emotional baggage we might carry with us all along can be guilt, regret, fear, inner criticism, anxiousness, anger or irritated feeling and lots of other emotions which we might share with everyone around us.

Any type of emotional baggage, if not taken care of, can negatively impact our current experiences with our relationships, our friendships, family, career and much much more.

Imagine you’re carrying a backpack with a heavy baggage, getting heavier by the day and adding more weight on you. Imagine all the negotiations, arguments, secrets, compromises, pain, trauma and a whole lot of other stuff you carry on your shoulders that weigh you down constantly or at least often. It can interfere with your personal and professional life and you can miss out on the contentment and the joy of life in the present. It can also lead to physical and mental issues like tight shoulders or neck, headaches, upset stomachs and a whole lot of other issues.

Do these baggage’s hold you back?? Does it feel necessary to drop them to feel lighter?

If your answer is “yes”……

One of the best way to assess if you have a baggage is to read between the lines when people say you are hard to deal with or you are too closed. So pay attention and listen to people who make you realize that you have to let go of the old habits.……..

Now imagine letting go of all the unresolved emotional issues, traumas and stresses from the past that occupy your mind and body…

The best way to address this issue is to learn from your past experiences and try to have a healthy behavior patterns leaving your personal perceptions of your past in the past. It helps you strengthen yourself and mature as you face a new day in a healthier way.

Make some lifestyle changes to help you in the process and practice self-awareness and try not to repeat the unhealthy behavior of the past. As you work on them you need to give yourself a lot of time while you can practice forgiveness.

It may not be easy to change the pattern and there are no quick fixes either.

But does staying the same help???

Don’t you think if the past feelings haven’t been addressed it hangs on and becomes a burden for us and others who deal with us in the present or future?

Think about it…….

Life can only get better by transformation.

Written By

Sujitha Sanil

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