Learn the Art of Pausing

09 Mar 2021

Why is PAUSE necessary in life??

A PAUSE can be an incredible tool as they provide time to collect our thoughts, think what to say or do next and get back on track.

When in a difficult situation, before making a decision, in the heat of a moment, when you are at loss of words, when stuck in a rut, to start your day on a mindful note, when you’ve got too much to do, when you feel the stress on the rise or even with your everyday chaos.

A simple and a mindful PAUSE helps you to deal with any situation better. It can be practiced anytime and anywhere……

When in doubt, PAUSE….. When you are doubtful about the right and the wrong decision. Think, analyze and proceed with a concrete decision.

When angry,PAUSE…… Anger creeps in when you don’t get the desired outcome from another person. This happens when you have built it inside you over a period of time. It can’t be put off easily so it’s better to learn to PAUSE to calm yourself.

When tired,PAUSE…. Both physical and mental tiredness can impact the quality of your life. Hence use PAUSE to self-reflect to recharge yourself.

When stressed, PAUSE…..The reason for any form of stress can vary from person to person. If you don’t PAUSE when you are stressed, it will lead to drastic and unwanted health issues.

When you are too busy and you seem to have no control over your life, PAUSE on a regular interval and then focus back.

Practice PAUSE during an argument… the situation can quickly escalate if you don’t PAUSEto calm yourself down. You may not be able to control your emotions and even say unnecessary things which you may not actually mean, leading to broken relationships.

PAUSES can be an incredibly powerful tool with family and in your day today work environment too. It helps you to manage your co-workers or anyone you may be dealing with on a daily basis with ease. It helps when you are generally speaking to anyone, in a meeting or public speaking too.

As a speaker a PAUSE gives you time to think of what to say next and it gives the person in front of you or your audience time to process what you just said. As a listener it gives you the space to emphasize on the information….

PAUSES IN LIFE helps not only for the negatives but also for positives too. Imagine you walk into a park or a garden and PAUSE to actually pay attention to the color of flowers, the chirping of birds, kids playing and the greenery which you might have overlooked otherwise.


Take time out to PAUSE, because the inner peace and strength is important than you think….

Practice PAUSE like it is a necessity and on regular basis…..

PAUSE for a moment and take a deep breath to break the cycle….

Grasp the simplicity of slowing down and finding that space between moments…

Take a purposeful PAUSE as you calm down and think of what’s next…

Live in the moment as you enjoy the ART OF PAUSING……

Written By

Sujitha Sanil

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