15 Dec 2020

Recent research has shown that lower back pain is the world’s most common work-related disability – affecting employees from offices.

You must be wondering what has ergonomics got to do with this research, right?

Yes it has…

Ergonomics is the process of designing or arranging workplaces, products and systems so that they fit the people who use them based on the individual’s body size, strength, speed, sensory abilities and much more.

It is a branch of science that aims to learn about human abilities and limitations, and apply this learning to improve people’s safety while interaction with products, systems and environments using engineering, physiology and psychology and other fields. For example designing beds in hospitals, furniture in offices and keeping children and senior citizens in mind at home, car seat and many other areas.

With changing times and new technology, of course the products are designed well for our body’s requirements by creating a safe and comfortable home and productive workspaces and everything we use. But there are new hazards and we need to make a conscious effort to ensure that the tools we access and how we use them are safe for us.

So what about ergonomics in our day today life?

Now that we all work from home, do we pay attention to our posture while using the computer? What about our posture while using the phone?

Have we given it a thought?????????

Written By

Sujitha Sanil

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60% Trainers do not have enough job in hand.

77% Corporates find it difficult to reach to the right Trainers.

Not because of lack of Trainers. But, for the lack of connect in the market.