Quotients - Elements of a Well-Rounded Person

12 Oct 2020

As we all know the biggest problem we face today is lack of awareness towards mental health. Once we introspect and understand ourselves, stress management and the challenges to manage our day today life becomes a lot easier.

I decided to write on the quotients because I thought there is a need to bring awareness about managing our own selves and our emotions well when I read an article by Ainur Amanzholova.

We all know about different quotients like Intelligence Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Creativity Quotient, Spirituality Quotient, Physical Quotient and others. But, I would like to share the quotients we need in our day today wellness.

IQ - It isn’t enough if we are just intelligent and have a high Intelligence Quotient.

EQ- Emotional Quotient is important to have a better understanding of our own and others emotions.

PQ- Physical Quotient is self-care and the need to stay fit and healthy to enjoy life to the fullest.

AQ- Adversity Quotient is needed to remain stable during times of stress, trauma or tragedy.


Intelligence Quotient

IQ is a measure of a person’s cognitive abilities.

It is the ability of how well someone can learn, analyze, reason, think critically, logically, recall and apply information in problem solving.


Emotional Quotient

EQ is interpersonal and communication skills.

It is the ability to understand, use and manage our own emotions. Empathize with others, communicate effectively, overcome challenges in relationships and defuse conflict in positive ways.


Physical Quotient

PQ is staying attuned to our physical wellbeing.

Self-awareness is needed in creating a positive relationship between our mind, body and spirit for personal effectiveness. Healthy physiology with proper diet and physical fitness is important to enjoy life to the fullest.


Adversity Quotient

AQ is a measure of our ability to deal with adversities in our life.

It is not only finding coping mechanisms to deal with everyday challenges, but also the ability to remain stable and respond to major stress, trauma and tragedy, where the need to take a drastic or a wrong decision in life doesn’t arise.


Quotients are not only important for adults but also for children to help improvise their personality as a whole and to bring about a positive change as a well-rounded adult. 

Written By

Sujitha Sanil

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