Is Happiness Overrated?

29 Oct 2020

We all want to be happy and constantly work towards happiness, but during this journey towards happiness,

How much time do we take to stop or even pause to notice our feelings and enjoy the process of being happy?

In this world of consumerism we have heard of happy hour, happiness sale and many more…..Just as Bollywood made us believe that being in love is happiness. Media has brainwashed us over a period of time that happiness is buying things we may not want.

But on second thought….do materialistic things bring in happiness?

May be no….. May be yes….

Because happiness means different things to different people. For some money makes them happy, for some being in love, for some travelling and there are many other reasons to be happy.

Let’s see this example

As a child we were taught to study well so that we can get into a good college.

Once we are in a good college, we are told to get good grades to get into a dream job.

Once we get into our dream job, we may be happy with the pay and some aspects of the job but unhappy for some other reason like colleagues or the work culture or something else.

Of course, being rich and having money decides the house we live in, the type of food we eat, the clothes we wear, the gadgets, the vehicles we use and the list can be never ending. There is nothing wrong in being materialistic.

It’s a fine line between being happy and being sad for and by the same reason. For a person who associates money to happiness, he/she may become sad if there is less or no money with them.

Same with relationships, the feeling of being happy when you are in a relationship. So, what happens once you are not happy with the person you love? Irrespective of the reason, the same person who made you happy can be the reason for your sadness.

In life, at any given point of time there may be reasons for unhappiness in any situation. It is a misconception that we can be happy only if things happen the way we want it. There is a need to focus on what we have rather than what we don’t have.

Happiness doesn’t come from outside. Contentment and satisfaction comes from within our own self. We need to cultivate a habit of being grateful for what we have and fine tune ourselves to see happiness in our day today events and enjoy it.

In a bid to reach our destination at the earliest, do we forget to enjoy the little things that can make us happy in the process of our journey?

Do we even notice things which could have made us happy? Do we even pause and enjoy to the fullest once we reach our destination or do we look for the next destination to make ourselves happy?

Have you ever thought “This is what I always wanted, but why am I not happy now?”

Written By

Sujitha Sanil

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