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5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 Mindfulness / CopingTechnique

Published: Jun 30th, 2021 12:11 pmBy Sujitha Sanil

Learn To Create Your Own Calm with this 5-4-3-2-1 Mindfulness Technique…..

We all go through some form of stress in our daily lives. It can be in the form of getting late to work, exams for students, attending interviews, meetings or presentations, business deal or anything that seems tough, when in a particular situation. Of course, it’s not easy to pass through them without worrying and being anxious.

As humans we have a tendency to worry, only because we are unsure of the outcome. This can add pressure or burn us out even before we go through the process. There is a high chance of a positive result and can turn out in our favor if we stay calm and deal with the situation in the best possible way.

But, in times like this when every day is uncertain, dealing with some difficult situations may be a challenge. There are many ways to deal with each one of them and it may differ from person to person. Hence we need to know what works for us well and utilize it for our own wellbeing. Like any other skill or relaxation approach, you can take on any form of technique that suits you.

This 5-4-3-2-1 mindfulness or grounding technique is the one of them and you can practice it easily and use it before you go on stage to speak or perform, before the start of a meeting or a presentation or any situation where you need to take control of yourself at that stressful moment.

Close your eyes and take few deep breaths and focus on letting go off your worry. Then open your eyes and look around and follow the 5-4-3-2-1 Technique…

1. The first step is to look around and name five things that you can see around you.

2. The second step is to focus on four things that you can feel. For example: “I feel hot/cold".

3. The third step is to name three things that you can hear around you.

4. The fourth step is to notice two things that you can smell around you in that moment.

5. The fifth step is to focus on one thing that you can taste. If you can't taste anything, you can choose to remember a taste that you like. 

6. Finish with a deep breath.

Simple Tip: What helps me, is to focus on even one thing that’s in my hand at that stressful moment. Example: Pen, Pencil or Hand kerchief etc.

This technique basically helps you divert your mind away from worry or panic or any negative emotion you feel.

Practicing whenever you are free and calm and utilizing when in need will help you become more effective when you are caught up in a stressful situation.

By focusing on your senses you are re-focusing on your body and your inner self. Now that you are back in the present, you can focus on what it is that you need to be doing and give it your best.

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf” – Jon Kabat - Zinn

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