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Self-Care and Self-Love

Published: Feb 1st, 2021 12:43 pmBy Sujitha Sanil

Self-care and Self-love is all about prioritizing your own self and paying attention to your own mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

While both may seem similar or different both, self-care or self-love is not only a state of feeling good about your own self but also being happy with and making others happy around you.

Even though it is the ability to maintain your own health and happiness, some see it as an indulgence or being selfish when you are make yourself a priority. But remember you can’t serve from an empty vessel, hence it is important to balance your overall wellness. Putting yourself ahead of others is good but what you need to take care is not to overdo it, because it’s a fine line between self-love and selfishness.

Self-care and self-love determines who you are as a person and others perception of you. Your state of mind will influence a lot of decisions in life, like who you project yourself to be, how you cope up with problems, how you are at work, who you pick for a mate and lots more.

So are you lacking self-love or happy with yourself? Do you need to make any changes in your self-care routine?

If so, start with SELF-AWARENESS first…..

Whatever state you are in right now, remember self-care or self-love is all about taking decisions based on what’s best for you.

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