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Is Perfectionism A Myth?????

Published: Aug 12th, 2021 09:53 amBy Sujitha Sanil

When life takes us by surprise we find ourselves struggling…..

We become clueless, anxious and unprepared as to how to go about things.

Why does this happen????????


Do you think it’s because we are programmed to be right all the time, from a young age??

Are we expected to take the right decision every single time??

Can we accept when our decisions go wrong??

Now, let’s understand this better….

In a bid to take a decision we may make some right and some wrong ones.

It’s good if our decision was right but what if we have taken a wrong decision, and realizing that we have made a mistake may take time. By the time we understand and process the situation, for sure we may have proceeded further on that path for quite some time.

Transition from being wrong to right may be a challenging one too.

But don’t we waste a lot of time worrying about the mistakes we have already made and the ones which we might make in the future?

This happens because we want everything right, the very first time. And PERFECTIONISM or being a PERFECTIONIST makes us the greatest critic of our own work and once worry sets in, failing to be right will surely impact our decision making skills further. It can leave us even more disappointed with ourselves.

What we need to understand is that there is nothing called an “Error Free Life”. We need to learn and teach our children to accept mistakes gracefully and that things can get better overtime only by learning from our mistakes and not repeating them.

Don’t you think being inclined to look for solutions however help us figure out the next step with clarity??

All we need is to accept the situation we are in and use a solution orientated mindset, and creative ways to work on it. Willingness to experiment, perseverance and giving enough time to solve the problem will only give us space to work on the issue and recover from any kind of situation.

For best outcome and mental health, we need to inculcate SOLUTION ORIENTATION rather than of PERFECTIONISM...

Only because “PERFECTION IS A MYTH”......


So, what are we inculcating in our children or the next generation???

Perfectionism or Solution Orientation??


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