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Power of Commitment

Published: Aug 18th, 2021 11:23 amBy Sujitha Sanil

This is an excerpt from the book ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING by JEFF KELLER.

Commitment Pays Off For Aspiring Novelist:

Several years ago, American Way magazine carried a fascinating interview with best-selling novelist David Baldacci. Baldacci is the author of the immensely successful novels Absolute Power, Total Control and The Winner. Millions of copies of his books have been sold.

Let me assure you, however, that Baldacci was no overnight success. His accomplishments and financial achievements were the result of his total commitment to developing his talents as a writer. Like me (Jeff Keller), Baldacci started out as a lawyer. He started law school in 1983 and didn’t give any thought to becoming a best-selling novelist. He simply enjoyed writing.

Yet, at the outset, Baldacci knew that he didn’t have the necessary writing skills. So he made a commitment, as he put it, to learn the craft of writing. For the first five years, he didn’t finish any of his projects. Every day, he just worked on characters, plot development and other writing basics.

At that time, he was a practicing lawyer, and he and his wife had two young children. When he did find the time to do this writing? Baldacci worked on his writing every night from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am. Now, that’s a commitment to do whatever it takes! He pointed out, however that he had fun writing - it wasn’t a chore. By the way, I’m not suggesting that you stay up all night to pursue your goals - that 10:00 pm to 2:00 am shift certainly wouldn’t work for me (Jeff Keller), and it may not work for you either!

After 10 years of writing. Baldacci had completed some short stories and a few screenplays.His total sales: ZERO. All that he had to show for his efforts were a lot of rejections from editors.

In 1996, all of Baldacci’s efforts paid off…big time! He received millions of dollars for the literary and movie rights to his blockbuster thriller Absolute Power. The star of the movie was Clint Eastwood.

Such is the power of a person who is committed.

The above excerpt make us understand that motivation can only get us started but commitment is what will keep us going. This is the magic of commitment to our goals.


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