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New Year's Resolutions

Published: Jan 12th, 2021 05:45 pmBy Sujitha Sanil

My New Year’s resolutions for 2021 are the ones which I should have accomplished in 2020, because I had promised to do it in 2019, which was decided by me in 2018, what I had planned in 2017….

So, I can’t call them New Year Resolutions…

I guess the best term for me is “Casual promises I make to myself that I am under no legal obligation to fulfill”.

But do we all follow the resolutions we make or it just me?

I have seen people in the first week of Jan taking a walk in the park to lose weight but now, by mid Jan I don’t see them anymore…I am sure there are lot of other resolutions we make which we don’t follow.. From eating right to making some changes in our life style, joining the gym, taking care of our health etc.

So I guess, as days pass by we start treating it as any other normal day. That’s fine, because what really matters is where we are a year from now. Of course, we will be a reflection of the choices we make right now…So let’s make choices that keep us happy…

Irrespective of the resolutions we make or break in any year…

“Do Not Put Off Happiness For A Later Date”.

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