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Experience life now… before it’s too late

Published: Dec 23rd, 2020 09:19 amBy Sujitha Sanil

If not today, when???          


Imagine going on a vacation and not being able to explore the place...

Imagine not being able to relish the local cuisine...

Imagine not being able to enjoy the fun things in the new place...


Now that we are talking of making new memories… what about the old ones?

Don’t we wish, we could go back in time to change somethings or feel things  again and re-live the life we spent with some people all over again with a new mindset?


Don’t we wish?

We met our school friends whom we have never met since school.

Go back to college not to study but to enjoy time with friends bunking classes.

Spend time with parents and grandparents in their house.

Go back to our first job and feel the first pay in hand.

Feel our wedding ceremony better.

Enjoy more time with kids before they grew up so fast.

Enjoy many more things of the past with people whom we have lost touch with….


Sometimes don’t we realize the times have gone too fast and can never come back?

Not because we are getting old, but just that we shouldn’t miss on the fun aspects of life hereon.

So let’s enjoy every moment as we experience them and live life to the fullest.


Let’s make our everyday life a celebration with people around us.

Experience life now, before it’s too late….

Live now……

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