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Published: Sep 20th, 2021 10:46 amBy Sujitha Sanil

CLOCK CLOCK CLOCK…. There’s a clock on the wall, on the wrist, on the phone, in every room, every office, every car and all around us.


But why is it that we feel that we don’t have enough time for anything??

Is it just a rational or an irrational thought or it is that we really don’t have the necessary time??


Spare some time and give it a conscious thought and think about the following questions:

Don’t we feel that time moves faster than usual and we are in a hurry to finish the task in hand quickly??

Don’t we try to manage our time effectively but often don’t pay attention to the time we waste??

Don’t we spend more time on social media and other time wasters rather than be productive in our day today lives??

Don’t we all waste more time thinking about the less time we have in hand??


With so many questions and much more about the use of our time… Everything boils down to one single aspect, and that’s “EFFECTIVE TIME MANAGEMENT”.

I would say that paying attention to time management also means thinking differently about how you plan your day well.

So how good is your Time Management Skills???

a.  Very good

b.  Good enough

c.  Satisfactory

d.  Favorable

e.  Commendable

f.   Acceptable

g.  Questionable


“Time is what we want most and what we use worst” – William Penn

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