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The Power Of Mindset

Published: Jul 8th, 2021 09:45 amBy Sujitha Sanil

Read about how your mindset helps you in building your own future.

We can build a great future only with a growth mindset.

Now talking about mindsets there are mainly two types of mindsets the first being a fixed mindset and the second being the growth or the flexible mindset.

Those who have a fixed mind set believe that their intelligence, talents and skills are innate, and therefore they are fixed. They also believe that either you’re born smart and talented, or you’re not, and that’s all you have. For them, failure means that they don’t have the necessary ability or enough skill to deal with any adversities in life. Their own behaviour may prove disadvantageous and not let them accomplish anything beyond the normal.

On the other hand people with a growth mind set believe that talents and abilities can be developed through efforts and that if you try, you can achieve a lot more in life. A growth mind set leads you to believe that everyone can grow and develop, and that making mistakes and challenging yourself to do better is a natural way to learn.

People with growth mind set believe that if you work at it, practice, or get some help when needed, you can improve yourself in a positive way. They are not afraid of failure, because failure is a signal that it’s time to put in more effort or practice or just change the way you think and move ahead.

Building a bright future happens when we figure out new strategies, think about where we can go for help if needed, figure out what resources we have and take advantage of every opportunity that comes our way.

I would say working on your growth mind set, smart work, good strategies and good use of resources with flexibility will result in building a better future for yourself. 

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