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Published: Jun 4th, 2021 06:10 pmBy Sujitha Sanil

We all have different perceptions of standards in life. And standard is just a measure, norm, or a model in comparison to someone or something. But life for many of us has always been working on other people’s acceptance, approvals and judgements.

Our society has taken it many steps forward which has contributed to the constant portrayal of unrealistic standards affecting the mental, emotional and physical health of an individual.

Can we live our life by the standard set by society??

Can we live by the ever-changing beauty standards set by social media and say we are happy about it??

Do we have to be highly accomplished to be successful in life??

Do we have to take a holiday to an exotic destination to prove our financial worth??

Do we have to constantly update our pictures and information on social media to prove our happiness to others??

The mistake we do is, we overlook the life of contentment and fulfillment.

In a bid to have everything materialistic we may end up sacrificing our happiness.

But no matter how effectively we plan our life, we will end up in situations where we will face contradictions.

Now imagine you have a simple job and a salary that makes you happy. It may seem like a boring life for some people around you and they may assume this is not what you should be doing with your life. You will be seen as a person who is unsuccessful and lacks motivation in life.

But if you have the time to do all that you love after work and if it works for you then so be it. Right?

Biologically speaking endorphins, the happiness hormones or the dopamine which is released into your brain when you accomplish something that you were worried about is your own feel-good factor leading to positive emotions within you.

But people have their own perception of a happy life. It can be anything from travel, success, job, hobbies or anything for that matter. There is no set standard for anything in life and what works for one person will not work for another. We can either be happy or unhappy in life. It depends on our own decisions.

Having said that according to the society, “Won’t we be considered successful and happy if we live by the standards we set for ourselves”?

Even though people may not see our true worth, it is our life and the infinity of the choices we have can be accepted or declined by us. Because it’s practically not possible to attain everything in life.

“We have one life to live and let’s not spend it living by someone else’s standards”.

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