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Sustaining Happiness

Published: Jul 16th, 2021 12:22 pmBy Sujitha Sanil

Since we all know that happiness is extremely important and valuable to us. And happiness is associated with many facets of well-being in our day today life. I would not go into that aspect further, but what I would like to say is there are many ways to achieve happiness and it differs for each one of us.

But what happens when we are happy???…

We tend to LAUGH right?? … But remaining in a happy state for a certain duration, again depends on each one of us.

Laughter, and the cleansing joy that it provides, should be made into a daily ritual. Like a spoon of sugar or honey to help the medicine go down a child’s throat or to join a laughter club.

It can be, just a little giggle or hard-to-breath laughter. This type of laughter cleans out all the stuff in our head and purifies the soul. Happiness is an inevitableconsequence after a convulsion of hysterical laughter.

But sometimes spontaneous laughter eludes us. Stress, hormones, boredom, and many other factors makes it nearly impossible to feel anything funny.

Whenever I feel low?? I take time to read a dozen of laugh-out-loud jokes, or watch a comedy show, after that I will be in a totally different frame of mind and won’t even think of why I was feeling low.

And when I want to laugh hysterically, there are a couple of friends I always call. Within minutes, we can hardly speak because tears are rolling down our cheeks, and our short breaths are running long.

is to either look at the lime rot or make lemonade, lime soda or a margarita when it’s is still fresh and relax and enjoy the drink….. The point here is knowing when to leave aside your worries and stress and to realise….. When happiness comes your way and to live in the present and enjoy the moment.

Now that I have given this important key to sustain happiness ….. let me ask you….

Do you want to laugh? I mean really, really laugh?

Then think of whom to call and make time to call them….

After the call………..

Do remember to thank me….

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